A New Hope for Back Pain – Is Mindinsole the Answer?

A New Hope for Back Pain – Is Mindinsole the Answer?


Around 80 percent of us will suffer back pain at some time during our lives, and 1 in 10 of us are suffering back pain right now. It’s a massive social issue, making life miserable, preventing us enjoying sports and making us all less productive. So any solutions to back pain are always welcome, although painkillers and drugs often don’t work. Why? Because sufferers are starting from the top down, not the bottom up.

Mindinsole is very different. The Mindinsole approach uses a combination of specially engineered orthopedic insoles and ancient reflexology ideas to relieve pain. When people ensure that their feet are comfortable and in the correct position, the whole body benefits – easing tension in muscles and allowing us to move naturally.

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As medical researchers are starting to discover, beginning from the “base” is the right way to deal with pain across the body. The end result is usually relief for chronic back pain, and the effects can often be dramatic. So read on to discover why Mindinsole is a hassle-free, painless back pain remedy that really works.


The Reasons for Chronic Back Pain and How Mindinsole Can Help

Even the most experienced osteopaths and physios sometimes struggle to understand the causes of chronic back pain. Sometimes, ongoing pain in the back is easy to trace, especially when it arises from a sports injury or car accident. But most of the time, that’s not the case. In some cases, underlying degenerative conditions or acute conditions like spondylolisthesis can be identified as the root of back pain. But that still leaves millions of cases every year where the cause is mysterious.

Some specialists believe that pain moves around the body, while others see back pain as a residual condition arising from injuries in the past. Nerves may have the ability to “remember” pain long after it subsides elsewhere. When this happens, traditional painkillers often aren’t the answer. While they target the brain, individual nerves in the back still fire randomly, sending pain signals just like before. When that happens, a different approach is needed, and Mindinsole could be the answer.

The reason is due to a connection between the feet and the back. In fact, the two body parts are intimately linked. The way we stand and walk has effects throughout the body. If our gait is lop-sided and irregular, or our posture isn’t correct, the vibrations created by simple walking can reverberate through our bodies. By repeating poor posture step after step, we can seriously damage the nerves and soft tissues in our backs, creating degenerative conditions in the process.


The technical term for this is either overpronation or oversupination. In the first case, feet land on their instep when patients walk, leading the feet to bend inwards slightly. In the second, the opposite applies and the feet land on their outside. Both walking techniques lead to problems further up, from ankles and knees to hips and – as we now know – the back muscles.


The Asiatic Method to Fight Back Pain – How Mindinsole Works

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The Mindinsole technique is inspired by the ancient Asian practice of reflexology, a non-invasive medical system which seeks to apply pressure to parts of the feet, with results across the human body. It fuses the insights of reflexology with the latest research on insole engineering, resulting in an advanced orthotic product which targets pain in multiple areas.

The Mindinsole treatment is based around insoles that can be placed in standard shoes, meaning that no prescription is required (although consulting your chiropodist or osteopath can always help). Mindinsole insoles are infused with “balancing stones” which are placed at strategic points throughout the material. In total, they have over 400 “acupoints”, and every one corresponds to a pressure point derived from the ideas of reflexology.

When the Mindinsole insoles are in place, they feel as comfortable as a normal shoe, if not more comfortable. But they have some amazing properties. Thanks to the way the acupoints are distributed, these soles act constantly on sensitive parts of the feet. Remember, your feet are full of ultra-sensitive nerve endings, and Mindinsole seek to stimulate as many as possible.


In the terms of reflexology, this results in a redistribution of energy around the body, replenishing key points where the Qi (life force) is weak. In modern scientific terms, Mindinsole relaxes muscles across the body and promotes better posture, helping to create a feeling of harmony between every part of the body.


How to Use Mindinsole

One of the great things about the Mindinsole insole system is its simplicity. All users need to do is to place insoles in both of their shoes on a daily basis. The acupoints and magnetic balls will do the rest, producing an instant sensation of relaxation. Mindinsole insoles have been designed to fit the majority of shoes, but also come in an easy to trim material, so they can be customised in seconds if they don’t fit perfectly.

The soles aren’t coated with anything, and can be cleaned easily using warm soapy water without reducing their efficacy, and they can be transferred between shoes if you like. Moreover, the creators of Mindinsole have used breathable materials which won’t make shoes feel clammy in warm conditions – making them suitable for exercise as well.

To get hold of a set of Mindinsole insoles, just buy online. Coupons and other promotions may well be available for your first purchase, making the price even more appealing. So do your back a favour and explore one of the most exciting developments in back pain for generations.

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What Users Feel About Mindinsole

David, 32 from London

A few years ago, I decided to get into shape and started deadlifting to build my muscle mass. Everything was fine for a while, but after six months I started to feel pain in my pack. Stupidly, I ignored it for over a year, and the pain got worse. In the end, I had to cancel my gym membership and could hardly lift at all. After trying painkillers, I gave Mindinsole a try, and I’m glad I did. Within weeks, my pain was subsiding. Now, I’m back to lifting 250lbs and piling on the muscle.

Sarah, 45 from Birmingham

As a teacher, I’m always on my feet. And like many teachers, I’ve had my share of back problems. Sometimes, I’ve had to suspend a class for a few minutes while the school nurse massaged my back, and I’ve even taken days off to ease the pain. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain either. At least, nothing worked until I tried Mindinsole. These magical insoles have made standing easier than ever. I don’t know how they work, but they work miracles.

Augustin, 27 from Portsmouth

I never thought I’d suffer from back pain in my 20s, but after a minor car accident I started to feel agonising pain in my lower back. Physios and prescription painkillers seemed to do nothing, and I had to stop playing tennis, which I love. Eventually, a friend of mine recommended Mindinsole. I was doubtful, but I was ready to try anything. Amazingly, it worked. Now my serve is faster than ever.

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Penelope, 65 from York

I’ve had back pain for years, ever since I moved house in my 40s and lifted a few boxes that were slightly too heavy. Like many people, nothing seemed to relieve the pain, so I learned to live with it. But when I stumbled upon Mindinsole, I was astounded. These simple insoles work wonders, and have made my chronic pain a thing of the past.


Darrell, 43 a lawyer from Esher

About 5 years ago, I noticed my back starting to become stiffer and stiffer. It got to the point where even getting up in the morning was difficult, and standing up in the office became a daily nightmare. Doctors were helpful, but couldn’t isolate a cause for my pain, which I gather isn’t uncommon. And painkillers didn’t seem to work, either, leaving me in a tricky position. Thankfully, a friend with back pain recommended Mindinsole, so I gave it a try. Within a week, the insoles started to work their magic. Walking to work, I could feel my back relaxing, and getting up stopped being something to fear. If you’re sceptical about what a Mindinsole insole can do, my experience is that you should just give them a try.

Marilyn, 35, a hairdresser from Clacton

Working in a beauty salon is hard enough without chronic back pain, but when it hurts to stand up, attending to your clients’ hair can become almost impossible. Believe me, I’ve been there. When my back pain started to worsen a few years ago, I thought I would have to find a new job. I just couldn’t stand for more than 20 minutes without agonising pain. But a client came to my rescue. Seeing my pain, they recommended Mindinsole, and I gave their insoles a try. I even got a generous discount with a promotional coupon suggested by the client, and I didn’t look back. A month later, I can buzz around the salon like before, and I’m a passionate Mindinsole user. If you have chronic pain, what have you got to lose? Give them a go.

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